SOAP Agent command line user interface.

See Command for details.

class acore_soap_app.cli.main.Canned[source]#

A collection of canned SOAP Agent commands.

count_online_players(user: Optional[str] = None, pwd: Optional[str] = None)[source]#
Get the online players and characters in world. Also, you can use this

command to check whether server is online.


acsoap canned count-online-players --help

acsoap canned count-online-players
measure_server_status(user: Optional[str] = None, pwd: Optional[str] = None)[source]#

Measure server status and save result to EC2 tags.


acsoap canned measure-server-status --help

acsoap canned measure-server-status
class acore_soap_app.cli.main.Command[source]#

Acore Soap Agent command line interface. All these commands can only be used on EC2.


Print welcome message.

gm(cmd: str, user: Optional[str] = None, pwd: Optional[str] = None, raises: bool = True, s3uri: Optional[str] = None)[source]#

Run single GM command. See for implementation details.


acsoap gm --help

acsoap gm ".server info"

acsoap gm ".server info" --user myuser --pwd mypwd

acsoap gm ".server info" --s3uri s3://bucket/output.json
  • cmd – the GM command to run

  • user – in game GM account username, if not given, then use “admin”

  • pwd – in game GM account password, if not given, then use “admin”

  • raises – raise error if any of the GM command failed.

  • s3uri – if None, then return the response as JSON, otherwise, save the response to S3.